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Welcome to Spirit Equip Ministries

We Equip Spiritual Life and Ministry.

My name is Rev. Dr. David Chotka, and I am the founder and director of Spirit-Equip Ministries. Spirit-Equip is designed to equip and train every Christian and give them the steps they need for spiritual life set up for success. 

We teach you:

  • How to pray for healing, 
  • How to hear the voice of God,
  • How to strengthen your faith foundation,
  • How Churches can deepen their congregation's roots in the Holy Spirit

Take a moment to view the Spirit-Equip web page, and let’s partner together to grow.

Zoom Bible Classes 

Bring Spirit Equip Ministries right to your house.

Have your next book study online with members from around the world, praying and learning together

Public Speaking

Have Pastor David live in your church for seminars, sermons, conferences, and church leader prayer sessions.

Focus on our three major topics :

Healing Prayer 

Hearing the Voice 

The Lord's Prayer 

Mentoring and Discipleship 

Looking for deeper more personal teaching? Have Spirit Equip Mentor you. What areas are you looking to grow deeper in, let's let's a plan to let your faith roots run deep. 

Healing Prayer

God's Idea for Restoring Body, Mind and Spirit

Spirit Equip is excited to share that our Founder David Chotka and Maxie Dunam have released a brand new Prayer Book. Healing Prayer God's Idea For Restoring Body, Mind and Spirit. Listen to amazing stories of how God wants you to be well. 

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What Steve Harrison of AuthorSuccess.com and the Harrison Group has to say of Healing Prayer 

Cogeco Sermons

Equip and train your spiritual life for success
one small step at a time.

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