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We equip Spiritual Life and Ministry.

My name is Rev. Dr. David Chotka, and I am the founder and director of Spirit-Equip ministries.

Spirit-Equip is designed to equip and train your spiritual life for success, one small step at a time. We would be delighted to come alongside of you to help equip your spiritual life and ministry.

Take a moment to view the Spirit-Equip webpage, and let’s partner together to grow.


Equip and train your spiritual life for success
one small step at a time.




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Spiritual Gifts and a Dream in the Night Spiritual Gifts and a Dream in the Night: We are developing a series on Spiritual gifts… So here is the question: Can a dream be a gift from God? I remember the first time I ever asked that question. I was a young man and had started to hang out with some young people from a church that forbid dancing as foreplay. Of course, most of them didn’t know how to dance. Well, I grew up doing ethnic folk dance—the background was Eastern European, so it was assumed that you would at least try to do…

Good Friday and Attention Good Friday and Attention You have to want to pay attention—or even the most astonishing things won’t take hold of our hearts and minds. Even more we need to train ourselves to pay attention, to notice when something is afoot. We can miss something magnificent if we are not taught to pay heed. The story goes that a musician set up to play his violin at a subway station in Washington DC. He played for 45 minutes as people were on their way to their various places of work on a Friday morning in…

Only the Donkey Got it Right! ONLY THE DONKEY GOT IT RIGHT! A PALM SUNDAY REFLECTION Only the donkey got it right! Well, the Lord knew what he was doing too, but of the entire crowd, whether disciples, local residents to the city, leaders in charge, or visitors to Jerusalem for the Passover feast, well, every one of them got it wrong. I did too! You see, every year, as a child, Palm Sunday was a BIG day. All the children would be given palm branches, and the congregation would sing one of two old hymns. Sometimes, the crowd…

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