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We equip Spiritual Life and Ministry.

My name is Rev. Dr. David Chotka, and I am the founder and director of Spirit-Equip ministries.

Spirit-Equip is designed to equip and train your spiritual life for success, one small step at a time. We would be delighted to come alongside of you to help equip your spiritual life and ministry.

Take a moment to view the Spirit-Equip webpage, and let’s partner together to grow.


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Harry, Will and a will to carry on There is much in the news today about the "battle royal" among "battling royals." If you have followed the trajectory of Charles and Diana, and their two sons, you will know that their history is filled with heartbreak, disappointment, loss and grinding deep despair. To say that they have experienced "life in a fishbowl" is understatement. Every idle word is monitored, every throw-away sentence, heard when their guard is down, gets reported.         There is no…

On the Passing of our Queen--Her Majesty Elizabeth II On the passing of our Queen—Her Majesty Elizabeth II I didn’t think that a funeral for a monarch would hold my attention so profoundly as the service 4 billion souls were able to witness today on the passing of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. It surprized me that I would be so moved—yet I was. Every movement, every reading, every action was carefully planned—to testify that she embodied her nation, her commonwealth, and, most importantly, her faith. She believed in all that is filled with…

Tripping Into A Divine Appointment A Divine Appointment—Tripping into God’s Best What is a divine appointment? The way we talk about it now is we say, “It’s a God thing!” or “I didn’t do that! God did.” A Divine Appointment is a fancy way of saying that you have walked into God’s prior action without any previous planning or action on your part at all. God set it up. You entered it. God got the glory! So let me tell you about one of those. I had never seen anything like it…          The way that the overseeing…

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Equip and train your spiritual life for success
one small step at a time.

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