Teaching and Events

This is the first of a series of events that will be taught online. 

From time to time Spirit-Equip offers course to equip your Spiritual Life and Ministry.



Date / Time: June 6th 2023 : 7:30 pm - July 18th 2023 : 7:30 pm
Location: Zoom Meeting, Faith Street, Faith Town, ON, CA

Hallowed Be Thy Name, What does that even mean?  We have all read the scripture, and memorized the lines but do you really know what you are saying?  Join Spirit Equip Ministries in a 6 week Zoom class starting June 6, 2023. This class is designed to give you the history and language break down on the Lord's Prayer and help deepen your prayer life. We will start off with the Lord's prayer in John 17 and continue in the following weeks in verses of  Mattew 6. Classes will include: First Class will feature an 1.5 hour on the final and most powerful prayer in the bible found in John 17, All classes after will be 1 hour weekly teaching on sections of the prayer lead, Access to recordings and discussions, PDF downloads to help you work through topics of the lecture  Registration is required for this course: $75 CAD per couple and $45 CAD for an individual, No book is required for this class.  PLEASE NOTE there will be no class July 4, 2023  To take part, you will need to adjust…

Date / Time: June 18th 2023 : 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Location: Zoom, Online Meeting, Online, ON, CA

Sunday June 18TH (Donations Welcome) Spirit Equip Prayer Warrior thank you meeting 7:30 PM  to 9:00 PM Eastern 6:30 Central, 5:30 Mountain, 4:30 Pacific About This Event Calling all Prayer Warriors, it is time for our annual Prayer and fellowship meeting. Let's meet, chat, and just be together!  Well, it’s the middle of the cold, cold winter. I suppose we ought to know this would happen—it happens every year. And we haven’t been able to manage the winter blues in the usual way for lots of reasons—the big one being the pandemic and our rapidly changing responses to it. Still winter blues are real. And those blues need a solution. Years ago, the church I was serving decided to beat the winter blues in a unique way. We held a talent night in January. We gave it an interesting name: It’s Cold! It’s Dark! And We’re Broke! A talent show to break the tedium of winter! It was a great success for a lot of reasons—we learned about each other, we laughed, we sang, we ate,…