Dr David Chotka, the Former Chair of The Alliance Pray! Team (The Alliance, Canada) is an author, a prayer mobilizer, a frequent media guest (radio, podcasts, and print media) and, an ordained pastor for more than 30 years. He is a father to two adult children and one 15 lb. goldendoodle named Jazz. He is the husband of his wonderful wife of 30+ years, Elizabeth. David has his doctorate in Spiritual Discernment from Gordon-Conwell Seminary and has led seminars/conferences nationally and internationally. Dr David is a successful author of 5 books, (2 Amazon best sellers). David has collaborated with various authors (including Rev. Dr Maxie Dunnam). He has created courses, workbooks, interviews, and resources to help people everywhere equip their spirit for a successful walk with Christ.

Dr David believes that all healing has its source in God, and that Medicine and Miracle intertwine. He is inspired by his daughter's life and sense of humour as she deals with Muscular Dystrophy (MD). A percentage of the sales of the Healing Prayer book goes to the Muscular Dystrophy of Canada Charity.

Conference/conversation topics :

  • Hearing God's Voice with Humble Certainty
  • The Lord's Prayer—a Doorway to Jesus’ Teaching (A two Kingdom Prayer)
  • The Holy Spirit's Infilling
  • Praying into God’s Healing
  • Medicine, Miracle and Mystery
  • The Spirit's Gifts--and how to unwrap the package!
  • Dealing with the Demonic--Jesus' Victory over Dark Powers
  • Learning to Lead (according to the Bible)

Reverend David Chotka

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