God Really Trying to Get Your Attention?
Can you actually manage to “Listen, Test and Know When God Speaks?” David Chotka’s answer to these questions is an emphatic “Yes!”
If that is true, then:What is it like to hear that voice?What are the indicators that we are “on track” rather than “in left field” How can we know we are actually hearing God, and not merely our own thinking?If you need those questions answered then this six-week adventure is for you.

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Best Sellers in Prayer eBooks

Healing Prayer is God's Idea the newly published book by David Chotka and Maxie Dunnam, made it to #1 (Kindle) and #2 (Paperback) bestseller list in the prayer book category on Amazon! Check it out. We would be delighted if you would purchase the book and send in an honest review. Just click on either of the links below:

Healing Prayer is God’s Idea

Embracing God’s Invitation to Intercede

Rev. Dr. David Chotka and Rev. Dr. Maxie Dunnam have co-authored a book that teaches individuals, prayer teams and churches how to pray for healing.

This book includes medically verified accounts of Divine Healing, including physical, emotional and spiritual healing. It also contains biblical teaching and gives practical guidance on what we should do to prepare ourselves to intercede, and then carry out seeking God for another in healing teams.

Plan to learn about Healing Prayer. It is, after all, God’s Idea that we do this.

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Power Praying

Hearing Jesus’ Spirit by Praying Jesus’ Prayer

With 2,000 years of commentary and writings on the Lord’s Prayer, is it possible to glean anything new?

Power Praying proves the answer is “yes!” Unique and transformational describe the content of this personal or group study. You will be excited and challenged as you dig deeply into this model prayer. Learn to tap into the same power—through prayer—that was displayed in Jesus’ ministry.

Power Praying can be used as an individual read, or in a group study. Divided into 8 weeks, each week looks at a phrase from the Lord’s Prayer and provides helpful suggestions on including its principles in your own prayer life.

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“I would recommend this book to anybody wanting an interactive, intentional study on prayer. I look forward to reading this book everyday.” - Cynthia