Wounding Words and the Grand Reversal

Wounding Words and the Grand Reversal

Wounding Words--and the Grand Reversal

I was reflecting on how words can wound--I was remembering how it felt. I had known the effect of wounding words, with an implied snub, a cutting undermining, or a bitter retort... and those words hurt. 

I remembered that didn't know what to do, or how to pray. 
I  was without clear direction. So, while pondering this, I turned to the Bible, and it fell open to a Psalm that spoke of wounding words; these were words that God took and turned away from the intended target. God took those wounding words and redirected them back at the schemers who had made a plan to wound an innocent with their innuendo. 
Intrigued, I dug into the original language, and discovered a symmetry and a cadence to the Psalm not captured in most English translation... So here is a paraphrase of Psalm 64--with the intent that those who are hurt by snubs, taunts, derision or mockery, can ask the Lord who endured the same to turn those words back upon themselves... 

A Prayer to the God of the Grand Reversal:
A Paraphrase of Psalm 64 

© David Chotka, June 23, 2020

Master-God! Pay Heed!

Listen, as I speak of what churns within—

Master-God, I burn with dread!
Terror attempts to master Your Mastery.  

Panic permeates, bullies my being.

So Guardian God, post a guard!
Guardian God, keep watch! 

Post a sentry at the entry of my palpitating heart.
Stave off Dread Distress, the deep dismay of wicked throngs who call me “ENEMY!”

I need a hiding place…


The enemy’s plots are real—

Devising cunning, God-empty plans,

The rowdy degenerates applaud—
they watch and shout  
as Evil mates with Sin 
to conceive and birth a wicked plot.

A butcher whets a knife to cut...
These butchers whet their words to wound…
Bitter vitriol is the torment-shaft of their word-barbs, 
Festering, they penetrate their mark.

The archers hide...
From their concealed place, 
they aim 
to wound the unsuspecting…

Unsuspecting, God-follower believes the path secure...

From camouflage,
blast a barrage,
bitter barbs…
        words to wound…

They plan! Duos dancing with deceit, 
clasping close their wicked ways, 
Whispering intrigue into a partner’s ears
Conniving, considering none will see or know.

Crafty Cunning plans a shrewd injustice with Deceitful Schemer.
“Our plan’s complete,” they say together… “Well-conceived!”

The murky depths of the mind of man are calculating and mischievous.

Suddenly, MASTER ARCHER shoots!!!

The dreaded wound-ers, wounded fall!

Piercing arrows felling them—with their own wicked words!

Wounded by their wicked words, 
Taunts returning, 
Taunting them.

Those who “watched the tables turn” 
Scorn the schemers with derisive mockery.

All will bow down in reverence.
They will declare 
“Guardian-God has done a Mighty Work!”

All will remember and revere the Lord!
Let the godly be glad, glorifying God the Great.

God the Guardian posts His guard.

God the Shelter shelters those sheltered in Him.

Let all upholding God the Good uplift their hearts in praise!

David Chotka June 23, 2020