Remember and Decide

Remember and Decide Remembrance Day asks us to travel to a stone marker, remember the sacrifices of those who fought for our freedom, and to choose the God who guides.

Relax! Be Yourself

Relax! Be Yourself Sabbath must be practiced... And didn't know this was allowed. So God arranged for something mildly ridiculous to teach me how!

Be Merciful

Be Merciful Even those who have never shown mercy can learn to do this... A major historical figure learned it the hard way--and learned it so very well, that his reputation as someone merciful goes before him.

When A Small Thing Becomes Large

When A Small Thing Becomes Large A small charting error at the beginning of a trip can become a major redirect in the wrong direction! The same is true in the life of faith. God would have us check the charts to make sure we are on course.

Those Who Sow In Tears

Those Who Sow In Tears Sometimes we labor long and hard and see no results. Yet when we are convinced that God is in it, we need to persevere. The reward for our labor comes in time.

It is always possible to give thanks

It is always possible to give thanks Paul the Apostle suffered--more than most... Yet, even when things were terrifically awful, he would give thanks to God for whatever he could. That is a defining mark of living the gospel.

We Become What we Admire

We Become What we Admire We become what we worship. This is why we need to worship--and the character of that God enters into our lives.

God births something new

God births something new When something lovely gets destroyed, God can take even the things that are devastated, and ruined, and cause something magnificent to grow out of yesterday's loss. Ask God, and He will do this.


Decide! Not deciding leads us to doing nothing. It is always God's way to be clear, focused and decided, especially when it comes to choosing to serve the gospel. There is nothing more frustrating that a double-minded anything. So Decide!